Persimmon Hills Golf Course

Etiquette and Local Golf Rules

  • Begin your round on the 1st Teebox unless otherwise instructed by the Pro Shop

  • Keep carts at least 30 feet away from greens

  • Keep carts on cart paths on all Par 3s

  • Do not drive carts across tee boxes

  • No Glass Bottles

  • All Wildflower or Native grass areas are played as hazards, take a penalty.

  • Any shot that strikes the flagpole on #3 must be played where it lands, unless it lands in the pond, then drop and take a penalty.

  • Any shot that strikes the power line on #18 must be reteed, you may not play the ball that struck the line.

  • No groups of 6 or more, if you are considering grouping up on #2 or #3 or #4 please consider going home! 

  • Remember playing without paying is stealing!